Most frequent questions and answers

Firstly you will need to register an account with us. You can do this by clicking on the create account link at the top of any page.

To register for an event auction either click on the relevant link on the home page or select the auction from the auction calendar, and click on the blue ‘register’ button on any item.

Go to Entry Form on the home page

Complete all the required fields, and then tick the box to confirm you have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Once you have completed the registration form it will be submitted to the ShowHorseSales (SHS) office for approval, when you are approved a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you signed up with. 

5%, but only if the horse sells through the auction.

Yes, you will automatically receive an email. The bidding system will also immediately indicate when you are out bid.

At this stage we hope to have a weekly sale, but we are open to what the market requires.  

Yes, you can be an agent for another owner, by agreeing to the terms and conditions; you declare you have permission from the owner to enter the horse in the sale on their behalf.

The auction team will contact the highest bidder/s after conclusion of the auction and try to facilitate the sale. If not, and the buyer agrees to share their identity and information, we will pass that on to the seller.

Bids, offers or purchases can be placed on any item on any page where you see the blue ‘place bid’, ‘make offer’ or ‘buy now’ button. 

Incremental Bidding

Places the next incremental bid for the item/lot. Bidding increment values will vary depending on the item, this is displayed below the highest bid price. After placing the incremental bid the box at the bottom of the item/lot listing will turn green to show that you are wining. If a red box is returned your bid is either not high enough to beat the reserve, or another user has placed an auto bid on the item/lot.


Allows you to place the maximum price you are willing to pay for the item. The auction software will bid automatically on your behalf up to that amount as bids are placed by other users.


What is Overtime Bidding?

Overtime bidding occurs if there is a bid placed on an item in the final 10 minutes of the sale. When the bid is placed the end time will extend by a further 10 minutes. Further bids will not extend the end time unless placed in the final 10 minutes.

Why Do SHS Use Overtime Bidding?

SHS’s bidding software attempts to re-create the experience of a live auction room. With a fixed cut off time the item is sold to the bidder who clicks the bid button last, whereas with overtime bidding the item is sold to the bidder who is willing to pay the highest amount.

Listing Fee paid by seller

When seller register the horse for sale, ShowHorseSales.biz will email an invoice for the $300 listing fee which is payable before your horse will be listed in the upcoming auction.    

Payment for the item sold

As per the terms and conditions, the conclusion of the transaction is the payment and delivery of the horse.  This transaction happens between buyer and seller, and ShowHorseSales.biz plays no part in that. 


Activating your account

When creating an account with the SHS website you will need to activate your account to confirm the email address you have entered is correct.  To do this you will be sent an activation email containing a link.  Please click on the link within this email to confirm you have received it.

If you do not activate your account you will not be able to log in to the SHS  website.  If you are experiencing problems activating your account, please sales@showhorsesales.biz

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password click the ”Forgotten your username or password?” link from the login page.

Enter the email address you signed up with and click “Email Me”. You will then be sent a link by email within a few minutes. Click on this link to change your password, then log in using your username and new password.

If you have forgotten your password and the email you signed up with is no longer in operation please contact us and inform us of your username and old email address. Please email sales@showhorsesales.com

Forgotten Username

If you have forgotten your username click the
”Forgotten your username or password?” link from the login page. Enter the email address you signed up with and click “Email Me”. The email that you are sent contains your username.

Please note that occasionally the automated emails we despatch can be identified as junk mail. This is beyond our control, and we recommend that if you do not receive your email shortly, that you check your Junk/ Spam Mail folder.

If you are experiencing problems with bidding it is likely to be one of the following issues:

Browser Issues

The SHS website no longer supports early versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer  and early versions of Mozilla Firefox. Whilst you can still view the SHS website, the bidding system may not operate correctly.  If you are experiencing issues please upgrade using the link below. 

To check what version of Internet Explorer you are using select about Internet Explorer from the Help menu. Click here to update your Internet Explorer browser.

To check what version of Firefox you are using select about Mozilla Firefox from the Help menu. Click here to update your Firefox browser.

Your Registration is Pending

All registrations are approved manually so you may experience a delay between registering for an auction and being able to place a bid. If you attempt to bid whilst your registration is pending the system will prevent you from bidding and show a pending message.

If you have been waiting longer than 24 hours for your registration to be processed, please contact us.

Javascript Turned Off

The SHS bidding system requires Javascript to be enabled. This can be accessed on most browsers through the Tools menu.

Cookies Turned Off

The SHS bidding system requires Cookies from sites to be accepted. This can be accessed on most browsers through the Tools menu.